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Breaking the Common Myths of Fur Storage

For those of us that have experienced the luxury of owning a fur, we understand the importance of fur maintenance. This exquisite article of clothing is a work of art that should be worn for many years, if well maintained and cared for. Storing our furs is one of the first lines of defense against aging our furs to the point of destruction. There are many ideas about proper storage techniques. Some ideas are correct and dispersed by fur manufacturers and resellers across the world. Others are widely publicized myths that will destroy your furs and break your heart. Our goal is to disperse truth by debunking those horrible fur storage myths.

Furs Need to Breath

One of the first myths that needs to be debunked is the idea that storing your fur in a plastic bag is a good idea. Real furs are made from organic materials and need to breathe. Storing your fur during the off-season in a plastic bag cuts off the air from the fur, causing the pelt to slowly dry and become brittle. Much like any living being or organism, without fresh air hitting your fur, it will lose its luster and begin to deteriorate, losing the qualities that give furs long shelf lives for years to come. Additionally, allowing furs to breathe also means to give them space in your closets and storage facilities. Smooshing your furs between other clothes creates a similar stuffy atmosphere as a plastic bag, aiding in the deterioration of your fur.

Scents Matter

When considering storage of your furs, make sure you remember that they are made of organic fibers. As a result, furs pick up scents and hold onto them for a long time. While many articles of clothing can benefit from mothballs and cedar closets, furs will actually suffer from these types of storage techniques. Cedar closets and moth balls have beautiful scents, however, they stay with your furs and cannot be washed away. Unless you want to wear your fur and smell like a clothing storage box, keep away from strong odors.

Temperature is Key

Some people believe a freezer is the best option for your fur. The problem is when fur freezes, it expands. Then, when it is taken out of the freezer, it contracts, breaking the fibers of the fur and eventually ruining its form and style. In the same vein, keeping it in your home at room temperature can cause the humidity to seep into the fibers of the fur, causing damage as well.

The answer to proper fur storage is to trust the experts. The experts, like Ribnick Luxury Outerwear, have specialized storage facilities designed to maintain your furs in the off-season, keeping the temperature and humidity just right while allowing your fur to breath and maintain its own oils, as opposed to the oils and scents of the storage facility. Ribnick Luxury Outerwear is the perfect place to store your fur this spring and summer, contact the experts at Ribnick Luxury Outerwear at 612.332.4321.