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Fur is Back in a Big Way

For many years, designers stayed away from fur for fear of Hollywood turning a cold shoulder to the designer altogether. However, this year's Fashion Week showed that fur is back in a big way. Hollywood has other fish to fry now. Celebrities are no longer publicly fixated on the use of fur in clothing or accessories. Designers have taken note of this change of heart in the fashion world and have put fur to good use. Now fur can be seen on coats, dresses, boots, and even hats and gloves. With fur making a big comeback, do not be surprised if your neighbor receives a fur stole under the tree this holiday!

Utility and Beauty

Faux fur has remained popular over the years because it added a level of practicality to the beauty of traditional fur. However, it is actually as affordable and more beautiful to use the real thing. Fur-lined boots, gloves, coats, and hats were very popular thirty years ago because they are exceptionally warm and have Old Hollywood glamour. That style has been slowly making a comeback. Hairstyles and clothing reminiscent of Old Hollywood have been creeping back into the mainstream since 2010. Now, fur-lined items are following that trend. The beauty of fur fashion is that not only is it beautiful and stylish, but it actually has a deeper purpose: warmth. People all over the world use it as a way to stay both beautiful and warm in snowy, icy, cold winter months. Fur is often used on shawls and cover-ups over winter formal wear and winter wedding gowns. Dresses can still remain sleek and barely-there without the wearer getting frostbite – and it looks amazing in pictures.

Still a Little Fresh

Although fur is reminiscent of Old Hollywood, designers are finding ways to keep it fresh and new. For instance, rather than a full shawl, you can now wear fur as a wrap from shoulder to waist. In addition, you may begin to see fur accents on the sleeves of a dress or winter top. Even the colors are moving away from the standard natural colors and moving into pink, blue, and purple dyed fur. This allows the fur to make its own fun statement. Designers are willing to try new and interesting designs with fur to make sure fur designs do not get overlooked by any demographic.

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