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Keep Your Fur in Your Closet for Spring

Fur is warm, which makes it an obvious choice for the late fall and winter months. However, until late spring and early summer, those fur accessories can stay in your closet and be a part of your wardrobe. The fashion trends for spring include the use of fur and leather accessories to accent your wardrobe. As an added bonus, this trend helps you keep warm during those transitional months.

Outerwear Accessories

As the weather warms and the sun stays out longer, those fur coats and leather jackets may become too warm. However, fur or leather vests or shawls may be just what the fashionistas ordered. These outerwear accessories can be the perfect addition to your spring outfit for a night out with friends or even a day at the office. Spring months tend to bring uncertainty with regards to the weather. Most days, it never gets warm enough to leave the house without an extra sweater. At the same time, it also never gets cold enough to need the numerous layers we buried ourselves in throughout the winter. As a result, vests and shawl are the perfect compromise. They are ideal for those chilly nights when you are hitting the bars or taking in a quick dinner and movie. Fur or leather vests add a bit of pizzazz to your outfit while serving the purpose of keeping you toasty yet not too warm. After all, you don’t want to feel as though you will leave a puddle of sweat in your wake. For a more elegant night out, a fur shawl is the perfect accessory to keep you warm while enjoying dancing or a black tie event.


Another perfect use for leather and fur during the spring months is accessorizing. Leather handbags, fur lined booties, and suede sashes can add the perfect accent to your spring wardrobe. While the weather transitions, sandals are too cold for your feet and boho chic summer linen bags are out of touch with the trends. This is the perfect time to add a leather hobo bag or suede booties to your wardrobe. Pair your hobo bag with a long, flowy skirt. Or you can opt for leather open-toed booties to accompany a leather mini-skirt and flowy blouse. Even a fun accessory like a suede sash can add a bit of flair to your otherwise professional work attire you sport in the spring.

While the weather is changing, your wardrobe is in transition. There will be days in which it may be too hot to think about anything constricting or warm, and other days where summer seems like a distant thought. Therefore, it is important to keep your fur and leather accessories available to mix and match in your wardrobe as the weather transitions. Putting your warmer accessories away too soon does a disservice to you and your wardrobe.

If you are in need of some transitional fur or leather pieces to help your wardrobe follow the fashion trends, contact the experts at Ribnick Furs at (612) 332-4321.