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Storing Your Fur for Next Year

Spring is around the corner. Once the weather warms, it is time to put the winter wear away for another year. While packing up your sweaters and ski wear, remember that not all garments are stored equally. Your leather and furs require special treatment to properly store for the off season. If properly stored, you can extend the life of your furs and leather for decades to come. However, if not stored properly, you risk damage to your furs that cannot be undone.


Temperature is one of the key factors to properly storing your fur in the off season. It is important to utilize cold storage for your furs. That doesn’t mean storing your fur in a freezer on your own! A cold temperature and the right level of humidity will keep the oils in the fur stable, allowing it to remain silky and smooth. Should the humidity levels of your storage site be too low, your furs’ oils will evaporate. On the other hand, high humidity levels will cause the pelts of your fur to rot quickly. Both leave your furs dry, brittle, and unappealing. If your furs are stored at too cold of a temperature, you risk your pelts freezing. Once thawed, the pelts will expand. This causes your garment to stretch at the seams, making the fur lose its fit and appeal. To make sure your fur remains as beautiful as the day it was purchased, make sure you find the perfect temperature and humidity levels to keep the pelts and oils stable until the chilly temperatures return.


The other issue is where to store your furs. While cedar closets are wonderful for wool and other garments, they are not designed for fur storage. Even with the help of moth balls, furs often become damaged in a cedar closet. Cedar closet storage requires close monitoring to avoid damage to the pelts. Once the pelts are damaged, the only way to repair them is to replace them, which can be quite costly. At that point, it may be best simply to buy a new fur.

The other issue to consider when choosing a storage facility is finding a dark location. Furs are not suited for storage in sunlight. The light can damage the color of the fur, making it appear faded and ruining the appearance. It may even cause the pelts to become dry and brittle. The darker the area, the better the fur will survive the warm seasons.

Professional Storage

Most fur owners believe the best option for storing your fur is a professional storage facility. Companies specializing in fur storage have developed facilities that are the perfect temperature and humidity for all garments. Furthermore, these facilities monitor the garments to ensure they are not damaged by moths or other elements, like sunlight. The cost of professional storage is much less expensive than replacing the pelts or the fur itself.

Ribnick Luxury Outerwear is the perfect place for storage. All storage, cleaning and repairs are done on-site, so your coat never leaves our store.  Since storage and work are done on-site, customers can just stop in whenever is convenient for them to drop off and pick-up their coats without worrying about scheduling an appointment.

To learn more about professional storage options for your fur, leather, and shearling, contact the fur experts at Ribnick Luxury Outerwear at (612) 332-4321.