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Fashion FURward

Fur is being used by more fashion designers than ever.  The modern fashion world has changed dramatically. Fur is making a comeback, and it’s not just among the older generations.

Fur has long been a symbol of class and stature in society, but fur can also be a better product option than many synthetic options shoppers face on the shelves. Natural fur is the most environmentally friendly product available and lasts for years. Today, fur is still considered by many to be an heirloom, with some fur pieces being passed down from relatives in a family to the youth of today. Some fur garments might serve as a nostalgic trip through family history, while other items may have been purchased on a whim and left to sit until fashion trends tip in their favor once more.

Fur for the modern day

The popularity of fur is growing once again. This is partially because more and more fur companies are changing their standards to include fur that is ethically and sustainably produced. Not only are these products much better in terms of both quality and ethics, but they are gaining ground in the fashion world with unprecedented speed.

Ribnick Luxury Outerwear is committed to matching the expertise of the fashion fur industry with the modern fashion demands of the present day. Combining fashion sense with functionality, Ribnick features outwear for men and women ranging from furs to shearling, leather, cashmere, down, and much more.

Ribnick Luxury Outerwear gathers fashion trends from around the world to create custom-made designs unique to their locations. In this process, they have also had the esteem pleasure of re-educating each customer they have come in contact with about fur and its effect on the environment. Their customers truly know that wearing natural fur doesn’t mean trading in an environmentally-conscious, and animal friendly mind-set, for the sake of a fashion trend. Their customers know it is quite the opposite, and others should know this as well.

Real fur is the most environmentally friendly product available and is much more environmentally friendly than synthetic materials. Synthetics use a huge amount of non-renewable resources such as oil in their productions. The fur pieces Ribnick Luxury Outerwear creates combine comfort and warmth while still being lightweight, stylish, versatile and environmentally friendly.

Not your grandma’s fur coat

In addition to fur coats, Ribnick also features fur-lined garments, Italian leather gloves, scarves, hats, purses, and more. New designs are unveiled each year, and different designers are featured to showcase the variety of options customers have when choosing a piece that truly fits who they are, both inside and out.

New fashion trends are always shaping how we shop, but older styles can come back into popularity as well. If you have a fur coat or other garment that has been passed down in your family or is a vintage piece, Ribnick can restore these special fur pieces to their original glory. Alterations, care, and treatment can be done on fur of all ages, styles, and sizes.

More than anything else, shoppers want a piece of clothing they can wear that they can be proud of and that they feel great in. If this is a fur jacket, a scarf, or even a pair of hand-tooled gloves, Ribnick Furs & Leather has what you need in order to stand out from the crowd.

For more information on the care and treatment of furs or to check out the variety of fur options available in their store, contact Ribnick Furs & Leather online or in store today.