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Fur for Summer?

Fur is only for the winter months, right? Its sole use is to keep you warm while keeping you stylish. Why in the world would anyone want to wear this trend during the hottest months of the year? Well, you obviously are not in the know about fur and fashion. Fur is a fashion staple all throughout the year. As a luxury item, designers find a way to incorporate it into all of their fashion forward fashion trends. Summer is just a season, and no season should be without the beauty of fur!

From the Bottom Up

One area that fur can be used for anyone's wardrobe during the summer months is fur lined shoes. As opposed to the winter style where fur lines the interior for both fashion and warmth, summer shoes use fur as part of the exterior design. This allows the beauty of fur to stand out without the added warmth that fur is known to provide. As a matter of fact, fur slides, as they are called, are the must have fashion item of this summer. Celebrities and go-to individuals in the fashion industry are wearing these "funky" interesting slides to make a statement and keep fur in style throughout the entire year.

More Than a Slide

The truth is fur is used in every area of summer shoes this summer. Some trends have the fur lining the heel of the shoes, or the entire base of a platform sandal. Others include small fur accessories, such as balls or fur in the straps. Others include fur encompassing the entire front wide band strap of the shoe, making it look like a slip-on slipper, with the beauty and comfort of fur. There is no doubt that shoe designers are running with the fur trend and incorporating it in any way possible, bringing fur to your summer wardrobe.

In the meantime, while other articles of fur clothing are not popular during the warmer, summer months, designers are busy readying their fall and winter lines complete with fur products. In England, young boys and girls are even using the summer for fur workshops to learn how to work with fur and use it in their fashion designs. Investing the time and money to teach young people to work with fur and in turn be inspired by their fashion ideas shows that fur is here to stay. It will be part of each season's fashion line for years to come, as the new generation embraces it in ways the older generation never even envisioned.

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