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Stylizing Your Outerwear for Spring

In the Midwest, you never know what the weather will bring from day to day, or even hour to hour. You can start the day wrapped up in a parka and by mid-afternoon be ready to shed your coat for some shorts. To keep up with the ever-changing spring weather and still look stylish on the go, you need versatile outerwear that will give you options as the thermometer goes up and down in April and May.

Warm Wraps for Spring Days

On days where the sun is predicted to shine, but the morning will still be cool, consider draping yourself in a stylish wrap or shawl. Cashmere wraps are a perfect way to keep warm while keeping your arms free. As the day warms up, you can loosen the wrap to enjoy the air, or toss it over your arm and enjoy the afternoon sun.

Silky Shawls for Light Warmth

Silk shawls are elegant enough to be worn as simply an accessory, but they also have a functional aspect. Keep the shivers away when there is still a nip in the air, but you want to forego the heavier coat. A shawl is perfect, especially when spun from luxurious silk, a lightweight insulator that will keep you warm and delightfully decorated at the same time.

Cape for Cooler Days

A cashmere cape is soft to the touch and stunning in style, a must for transitioning into spring. Capes can be worn with almost anything, with the benefit of being warmer than a wrap but lighter than a coat. Choose from many different styles to find the best fit to match your personal preference and look sensational throughout the spring days ahead.

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